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About BizShaker - Our name was brought about because we believe it to be a business tool that will shake up your business!

This is a business proposition generator driven by the users themselves who are companies and their executives, entrepreneurs and innovators, and millions of inspired individuals like you that are the source of the very substance that daily drives global industry and commerce.

Current search engines including the number one are so random, and hit and miss as a useful business tool that few business executives can afford to spend the time entailing hours of research to achieve a worth while set of actionable intelligent information. We fill this void with BizShaker’s non stop flow of business proposition generation.

BizShaker believes that five or ten million hits with no specifics, becomes outdated and irrelevant by the time you drill down to the third or fourth page of any search engine.

BizShaker delivers hundreds of precise results matching the exact needs of your company, and aims to serve the global business community with the instant online delivery of hundreds of customized propositions, offers, deals, ideas. This provides the user with real results that can be acted upon immediately to grow a company, make acquisitions, develop new products and markets, raise capital, license technology, exploit patents, create sales leads, find new partners, generate ideas, and a host of other critical business needs. How? - Because our database is populated with many of the movers and “shakers” that get results.

We intend to shake up the business industry and disrupt current thinking on how best to leverage the global glut of information for extreme competitive advantage.

Bizshaker.Com is a development by Motionview Corp. Toronto, Canada, and West Palm Beach, Florida.U.S.A.

This web delivered breakthrough is about the leveraging of millions of units of individual business information inputs combined with corporate user business intelligence, and identifiable critical business needs vital to growth. This is achieved by our searchable database and applying a proprietary format that generates global business solutions and opportunities interactively. Delivering this information with the power of search technology, and an Internet sourced database marketing engine, that presents as a global business tool that will play a major role in a $50 billion online market in contextual business advertising. The massive adoption of high-speed Internet and the migration of dollars away from print and broadcast media are creating an unprecedented demand for online advertising.

Every minute of every day successful enterprises seek strategic business solutions in most of the following areas:

New Product Development - Market Development - Distribution Networks - Advertising/Promotion - Patent Development - Acquisition - Merger - Divestiture - Financing/Venture Capital - Joint Venture - Technology Transfer etc. (see ideas below in "BizShaker" Delivers).

The inability to access these solutions quickly and cost effectively can significantly impact the effectiveness of the enterprise, especially in the current business environment where growth and earnings ratios constantly weigh heavily on senior management. BizShaker responds to these vital needs with this business to business (B2B) and idea to responder (I2R) interactive network which will bring the kind of answers to the executive desktop and individual users to meet these market demands. The benefits to the user is an immediate increase in overall efficiency including; shorter time to market, reduction in expensive executive time and travel, customized delivery of business opportunities, immediate access to a range of capital, marketing and know-how propositions, as well as global reach for small business with limited resources. In short a Global Proposition Engine.

BizShaker Delivers:

  1. New Product Development

    Thousands of ideas from companies wishing to increase their exposure for products developed/in development.

  2. Market Development

    Global market penetration - you choose the market and the system will select immediate opportunities.

  3. Distribution Networks

    From Logistics to Distributors - the system will present a range of alternatives to move your product.

  4. Acquisition

    Acquisitions identified by the system are tailored to your growth requirements and financial capability.

  5. Merger

    Find the ideal partner to move your organization to the next level of explosive growth.

  6. Divestiture

    Spin off that non performing division and re-deploy your capital for greater performance.

  7. Technology Transfer

    From High Tech to more traditional business - the system will expose you to technology transfer opportunities that fit.

  8. Patent Development

    Lost opportunity comes from hundreds of thousands of patents gathering dust. This business engine changes all this with customized propositions.

  9. Venture Capital

    From start-up to final round, this system identifies your needs and presents a clear path to successful funding.

  10. Joint Venture

    If you can't go it alone the system will identify customized opportunities to achieve dynamic partnership.

  11. Advertising/Promotion

    Pro-active promotion, where your potential customer gives you feedback on whether you can fulfill their needs or not.

  12. Industry Specific Needs

    The sky is the limit - If your needs are space age, or your need so unusual you have difficulty categorizing it - the system will find your niche.

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